Gamification 101[11]: Course Spaces

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This is Part 11 in my continuing saga of my current iteration of a gamified course.

The first class is today, and I think I’m pretty much ready.

XSCP 10042 CM 2

Here’s what I have:

My institution uses Blackboard, but I don’t, so all I put there is a welcome announcement and links to the resources I have built.

My institution also uses Google for Educators. That means that our email system is gmail and that we have access to a wide variety of applications available on Google Drive, Docs, and so on.


The three spaces that make up the bulk of the course resources are:

  1. 2015 Google Drive GraphicGoogle Drive – containing three sub-folders:
    1. The Store: this is a folder where all the quests, lecture notes, examples and so on reside. All students have read-only access to this space.
    2. The Public Square: this is where I put documents that we will share as a class, such as collaborative lists. All students have edit access to this space.
    3. Item Inventories: this is where students are to put any documents they wish to share with me – such as their quests. Each student has their own Item Inventory folder that is shared only with me (created using gClassFolders). The student and I both have edit access.
  2. Course Website – this is largely just a way to organize and present the documents, notes, examples, etc. that are also in the Drive. It does include some additional notes and features a calendar on the main page that highlights important university and class dates.
  3. Discussion Group – even though this is a face-to-face class, I have found it very useful to provide an online discussion list. I encourage students to ask questions – and answer them. They can share interesting things they have come across and some silliness. It is also where some of the quests are to be posted.

It turns out that Google’s wide variety of tools makes it possible to create a well-integrated system. It also doesn’t require a huge learning curve (or any programming) to set up a Google website. I can easily insert folder lists, google documents, pdf documents, and even the discussion list so that they look like they are an integral part of the website.














gamificationIf you are interested in following my course journal, watch for the “Gamification 101” heading.

Also, for more information on gamification, check out my website here.

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