Porcupines Prove the Existence of Multiple Universes, Right Here on Earth

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Taken without using zoom.

Taken without using zoom.

OK, so maybe not PROVE, but you really gotta wonder.

During my candidacy for my PhD I took a number of evening classes. One night after one of these classes, I arrived home around 9 p.m. It was already dark and as  I got out of my car I almost fell over a big (fat – aren’t they all?) porcupine wandering right through our yard between the house and garage.

Even though it walked right beside the van, it didn’t even acknowledge my presence. Since it seemed so unaware of my presence, I decided to follow it for a bit. I tried stomping my feet – nothing – it didn’t even speed up; I tried yelling at it – still nothing. So finally, I just followed and watched it.

Along the way it occurred to me – his ‘people’ have probably been wandering along that path (that now happens to sit between my house and garage) for hundreds of years. Who are *we* to think we can just plunk down our houses and fences, and expect the world to keep out?


I really think porcupines mostly live in a dimension that is a little shifted from ours – to them man-made things are slightly out of phase and have a ghost-like appearance. That’s why they so often ignore us and our stuff.

Except corn, apparently.

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