Is Rabbit the New Ethical Meat? — Vogue

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Is Rabbit the New Ethical Meat? — Vogue

Rabbits make sense as a meat on so many levels. I think it’s time to start an urban rabbit movement.


“Meals that are at once ecologically and gastronomically intelligent are much on my mind, and rabbit is the ne plus ultra on this front. Rabbits require neither grain nor land to thrive, subsisting happily on clover, wildflowers, twigs, bark, garden scraps. They don’t produce enough waste to poison the air or water (see cows and methane, pigs and lagoons—best to read up on this on your own). Rabbits are so inexpensive to raise that organizations such as USAID, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, and Heifer International have, since 2010, funded tiny rabbitries in Haiti as a way of alleviating the many burdens of poverty. The Haitian Rabbit Project’s 1,250 farms provide dependable income and create more food than its rabbit keepers’ families can typically eat.”

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