Another End of an Era – Ray the Duck

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Ray in his prime.

The end of an era.

Ray, hatched April 1997 – lived till July 31 2014.

Ray taught me an incredible amount about resilience and learning – and that you really can teach an old duck new tricks.


Ray in his prime.

He became blind more than 4 years ago (cataracts) and learned how to follow the other birds by sound as well as memorizing where the food and water was.


Once he could no longer get around well enough to follow the flock, he learned how to find his way around in various pens. He learned the sound of me dropping grain on the ground near him, and a host of other things.

Ray and Gomez.

Ray relaxing with Helen (duck) and Ra (rabbit), both also retired.

Thanks Ray!

Ray having his bath. 🙂
(About a week before he died).

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