Rapid Game Prototyping: Tips for Programmers | devmag.org.za

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A handy list. Many/most of these can apply to instructional design too.

Rapid Game Prototyping: Tips for Programmers | devmag.org.za.

A. Rapid is a State of Mind

  • – Know and remember the goal
  • -Find the essence of your idea, and schedule enough time for it
  • -Take creative risks, but avoid technical risks

B. Planning and Process

  • – Think about content
  • – Plan
  • -Follow an implementation strategy, but adapt it to follow the ebbs and flow of the creative process
  • -Know and avoid time drains
    • – controls, balance, gui, animation, procedural content generation,
  • -Consider using serial development (programming pipelines)
  • – Don’t get stuck

C. Code Design and Implementation

  • – use placeholder code: controls, feedback, AI, procedural content, approximation
    – use design shortcuts (use with care)
  • – avoid false design shortcuts
  • – manage your tweakables
  • – write readable code
  • – use implementation patterns

D. Before, After, In-between

  • – reflect
  • – build a library of code that enables rapid prototyping
  • – identify implementation patterns bug patterns and time sinks
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