BBC News – Harvard plans to boldly go with ‘Spocs’

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BBC News – Harvard plans to boldly go with ‘Spocs’.

How are “Spocs” different from other small private online courses (i.e. the ones we’ve been doing for well over a decade)? … Aside from have a sexy new acronym, I mean.

Is it because Harvard says it is? Because, honestly, some of us are becoming less and less impressed by Ivy League institutions assuming that if they thought it up, it must be great.
I realize that many have been doing online courses very badly. Many still do. What passes for “eLearning” is, in many cases little more than decades old correspondence classes on the web.

Not that that is necessarily bad …. my mom did an interior design course by correspondence in the 60’s. It came with all kinds of colour images; house plans; fabric & paint swatches. I remember thinking it was pretty cool.

However, far (FAR) too many online courses fail to make use of the technology that is freely available.

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