$40-million donation fuels learning excellence University of Calgary – What are the chances it will actually make a difference?

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$40-million donation fuels learning excellence | News & Events | University of Calgary.

Do you suppose this can help pull the UofC off the bottom of the list when it comes to student satisfaction?

Not unless they get rid of the current environment which favours pretense over substance, and which rewards faculty obedience and sycophants instead of individuality, excellence, and innovation.

The UofC does NOT participate in the Maclean’s University Student Survey. They stopped doing that when their results started being terrible. Much easier to claim you do great things for students when you can hide the evidence that it’s not actually true.

The truth is, you can teach in a leaky shack and still have students feel that their experience was a good one. On the other hand, you can surround them with the fanciest equipment in the world, but if the faculty don’t really give a sh&*, then you will get the same results as you got before.

By the way, many students can tell if you are only pretending to care, and some can even tell when they are being manipulated.

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