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  • Serious Games Price Breakthrough: Your Game! Your content in an engaging, immersive, rapidly developed simulation. New from Totem Learning, our February launch promotion: Your content in a bespoke serious game at less than eLearning prices! Harness our award winning technology and over ten year’s serious games heritage, to make a lasting impact in your training. We’ve chosen the familiar topic of induction training to illustrate this offer and suggest an opportunity you might like to seize! Play through our demo here, and let our avatars explain it all to you! Totem Learning places your employees at the centre of a multi-dimensional training experience using cutting edge instructional design and technology.

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  • A canine skull found in the Altai Mountains of Siberia is more closely related to modern domestic dogs than to wolves, a new DNA analysis reveals. The findings could indicate that dogs were domesticated around 33,000 years ago. The point at which wolves went from wild to man’s best friend is hotly contested, though dogs were well-established in human societies by about 10,000 years ago. Dogs and humans were buried together in Germany about 14,000 years ago, a strong hint of domestication, but genetic studies have pinpointed the origin of dog domestication in both China and the Middle East.

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  • I’m a gamer, a game designer, and a victim of gun violence. In the current climate, that creates a bit of friction in my life. When I was a college student in Rochester, N.Y., in 1998, I was shot in the left side of my chest. I was lucky—the bullet basically bounced off my rib cage. I spent a few nights in the hospital, but I escaped serious physical injury (though I was wickedly sore). The 17-year-old stranger who shot me was eventually arrested and served five years for first-degree assault. After I healed, an alarmingly large proportion of the people who heard my story immediately suggested I get a gun “to protect myself.” I repeatedly explained no, I didn’t want to carry a gun. If I ever actually needed it, it would likely be inaccessible in the bottom of my backpack, or I’d be overpowered and the bad guys would take it away from me. Carrying a gun was not a solution to the random violence I had faced.

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