Here’s a Devastating Account of the Crap Women in the Games Business Have to Deal With. In 2012.

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Here’s a Devastating Account of the Crap Women in the Games Business Have to Deal With. In 2012..

There’s a certain amount of this that happens in science too, though we should really note the point made by one of the commenters:

To be fair, it goes both ways. I have a male friend who is a nurse and he deals with some shit from the women he works with that you wouldn’t believe. And then the guys give him shit for it, too. In high school I worked two jobs, one with dogs, one with children. I had some of the worst gay bashing slurs hurled my way, even by people who knew I worked there with my girlfriend. And you’d better believe that any time anything over 10 lbs needed to be lifted, I was expected to just do it without being asked. But god forbid I didn’t hold the door for one of them.

Maybe we can generalize this a bit. I’d LOVE for the conversation to come around to how far (FAR) too many people are just downright ignorant, rude, and juvenile. This includes men, women, and everyone else.


Yes, there are particular indignities that women routinely have to put up with, but there’s a little voice in my head that always pipes up at times like these. It reminds me that almost every last one of those a@$holes HAD A MOM. What was she doing when this kid was growing up? If she let her sons get away with being jerks, and told her daughters not to stand up for themselves, then maybe, just maybe, SHE should shoulder some of the responsibility in this.

p.s. There is NO SUCH THING as “boys will be boys”. This is simply an excuse for letting kids be jerks. In the same way, “well, you know how catty girls can be” is also an excuse for letting girls get away with being mean. Neither should be acceptable. Ever.

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