Reverse Design: Final Fantasy 6 – 1

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Last month there was a discussion on one of the forums I belong to about the value of analysing games, particularly when one is interested in games for learning.

There was at least one person who did not seem to see any value in analysing learning in games without the users. In other words, this person couldn’t seem to understand why one would want to look at the game itself rather than the users.

Game analysis is one of my “things”, so of course I defended the idea.

I happen to think BOTH are important (looking at the game as well as looking at the user), and that looking at the application (games and otherwise) should NOT be left in the hands of HCI folks, like it usually is.

The analysis in the article here, while not focused on learning, is one of the most comprehensive examinations I have yet seen.

This sort of analysis also has some very interesting possibilities if our goal is to look at what people are learning in a game, whether it be educational or not.

It’s long, but then FF6 is a rich and complex game. Well worth a look.

Reverse Design: Final Fantasy 6 – 1.

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