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School’s in again. I’m not currently teaching so I thought I’d take the opportunity to move to the other side of the classroom again – I’ve enrolled in a Graduate Certificate Program in Serious Game Design and Research at Michigan State University.

What I could be doing instead….

I’m taking the online version which of course requires a considerable amount of reflection-writing and other bits and pieces of communication. Now, I can’t tell you who’s in the class or share anything about them without their express permission of course, but I can post my own stuff publicly. It’s common in Education classes to require students to create blogs and to post a certain number of entries for marks. I’m not required to do that in this course, but I figured, what the hey? Why not?

So, it is my intention to post my weekly reflections here as well as to submit them for marks. Maybe I can even talk some of my classmates into putting comments here, either as copies of the responses they contribute in class, or as side channel conversations.

Anyhow, stay tuned. I’m quite excited about this – I’ve always loved learning new things…..

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