The Number That Shows Why Apple is Suing Every Android Manufacturer in Sight

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The need to strut is strong in this one….

The Number That Shows Why Apple is Suing Every Android Manufacturer in Sight.

I guess when Apple can’t compete using its beauty and amazing marketing, it simply tries to squash the competition by what amounts to censorship.

In the trial, Apple (who is seen as American) manages to convince the judge to ban testimony by Samsung (who is Korean) designers. In America. What a surprise.


Turns out, Apple does indeed do market research, even though they say they don’t (WHAT?! Apple, LYING?).

Not surprisingly, one of the big secrets that Apple guards so jealously, is that a big part of their popularity comes from the fact that people trust them. So, if it comes out that they are no more trustworthy than any of the other big tech companies (something many of us have always assumed, but something that the Apple cultists steadfastly refuse to believe) there is the chance that Apple will lose some of its ‘cool’ factor, and with it, more market share.

Their response? Redouble their efforts to hide information. They will go to court at the drop of a hat. Their control over developers gets even tighter.

Kind of tyrannical, no?

I will freely admit that Apple has done wonders for the physical appearance of tech devices. They have also helped to drive better looking interfaces. When it comes right down to it, they have actually invented very little.


And they are among the biggest offenders when it comes to luring people away from knowledge of how things work. Keep your followers happy and ignorant. Very much like a cult.

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