What if we had FB’s privacy settings in real life?

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I don’t think most people would like it very much.

Facebook amending statement of rights and responsbilities, here’s a rundown of the changes | VentureBeat.


an application your friend has downloaded also has the right to your information because you’ve allowed that friend to see your content

“We reserve the right to exclude or limit the provision of any service or feature in our sole discretion.”

Curious that FB thinks my friends’ apps should have access to all my stuff.

Big DogThat’s a little like saying my friends’ friends should all be welcome at my house…….

Or that I had to share all the same hobbies and pass-times that my friends do.


Glad I have BIG dogs.


Wonder if there’d be a market for a Gaurd-Dog app – one that would keep other apps off your property.

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