If you fly, you can’t use their dictionary….

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Anyone know a a good dictionary/thesaurus app I can install on my PC?

I used to use the offline version of Websters, which I loved, but it is old and won’t install on my 64bit machine.

Lately I’ve been using WordWeb, but they just cut me off because I have flown on airplanes (apparently, that is all they need to know to determine that I’m not green enough).

How’s that for presumptuous?

All of a sudden I get this pop-up. It asks me some questions about how many flights I’ve taken this year. I have no idea WHY I’m being asked these questions, but I’m honest, so I answer them honestly. I’ve taken several flights this year – for business; to see family; and for holiday.

Once I enter my response, I am told I fly too much and can no longer access their dictionary for free. Presumably I am not environmentally conscious enough.

They didn’t ask if I maintain my own septic field (thereby NOT contributing to the waste management burden of my nearest city).    I do.

They didn’t ask if I use the public water supply. I don’t. I have my own well: the water we drink is untreated, thereby avoiding the energy and resources required to treat reservoir water. They didn’t ask about that.

They didn’t ask how often I take a trip in my car for only one thing – i.e. how long do I save up errands so I can do them all with one trip. I’ve been doing that for several decades.

They also didn’t ask if I raise my own food, which I do. The animals I raise for food have good lives – they are safe; they have sufficient space to play; and they get fresh air and daylight every single day.


I wonder if those people who decided I wasn’t green enough look after their own garbage? How many bags of garbage do they produce each year?

I wonder if they even have any idea what life might be like for people living outside of a big city? In other words how to do things for yourself instead of hiring it done.

I wonder if they ever think about what happens to the stuff they flush down the toilet and pour down the sink (I do… I have to because it all stays on my own land).

I wonder how much of their food they raise themselves?

Or how much of their garbage they save to feed back to the poultry, who in turn use it to make eggs and meat. Do you suppose any of them just throw things away?

I am by no means perfect, and I have no doubt I could be doing more to reduce my impact on the planet, but with the same token WHERE DO THEY GET OFF DECIDING I’M NOT ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS ENOUGH ON THE BASIS OF A SINGLE MEASURE?!?!?!?

WTF do they know about my life?

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If you fly, you can’t use their dictionary…. — 2 Comments

  1. Their licensing conditions were clear, and flying does have an enormous environmental impact. If they are giving away a product, and asking people who fly a lot to pay for the product, I think that their license make perfect sense.

    The only problem is that few frequent flyers are honest enough to answer the questions—most will try to duck the license fees by lying and cheating.

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    will find you other options.

    • My problem is not with the fact that they are trying to be environmentally conscious – I think that’s great.

      I have two problems with their approach:

      1. They are basing their judgment on ONE thing. They have no clue about how I live my life or what other kinds of things I may do to help the environment. They have made a complicated thing into something so trivial it is meaningless.

      2. They are rewarding people who lie.

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