Killing an animal to eat it isn’t cruel. Making it live a miserable existance is.

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Why Don’t Farm Animals Get the Respect Pets Do? –

This article is well worth the read. It makes me sick to see animals living like the ones in the HSUS video. Now, understand that I do not trust the HSUS one bit – their agenda is to eliminate ALL animal ownership FOREVER. No more animals used in medicine, no more animals used as beasts of burden, not more farm animals, and NO MORE PETS. However, cruelty is cruelty and in North America (life for many animals is FAR FAR worse elsewhere in the world) I would say that the animals who are doomed to live the most miserable of lives are pigs and chickens. Think about that when you eat eggs, or bacon, or the next time you go to KFC.

Birds being let out to pasture in the morning.

The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t have to be that way, and we can STILL enjoy bacon, eggs, and chicken soup. Sure, it will probably cost more, but then again it SHOULD. We pay FAR too little for our food. The only way to bring food to the store that cheaply is to do it badly: treating animals like stuff, and pouring loads of pesticides and artificial fertilizers on our plants – and don’t even get me STARTED on GM foods.

You may think, yea, well, it’s not my problem. What can I do about it anyways? Well, the truth of the matter is that the sad and miserable lives these animals are forced to lead IS YOUR FAULT. You keep buying this crap. You demand cheap meat.

Are you willing to stop buying pork from factories? Eggs? Chicken? Ever eat veal? That’s another horror story. Do you know how they manage to get the meat to look so pale and be so tender? The calves live in the dark, have no room to move around, and are fed a liquid diet (i.e. they have diarrhea their entire, short, depressed lives). Yum, eh? I quit eating veal years ago.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I do actually eat KFC from time to time. I also eat bacon, and wieners, …. So here’s the thing, if we all ate LESS meat from animals that are cruelly raised, and MORE meat from animals that are humanely raised, things would in fact change. The market will respond. Isn’t that what they keep telling us is the magic of capitalism?

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Killing an animal to eat it isn’t cruel. Making it live a miserable existance is. — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with everything except for the fact u think we pay little for food, junk food is cheap good is expensive why do you think obesity is a problem. Not enough good paying jobs for many who are in need and you think food is cheap, maybe coming from someone who had had a silver platter his life. But you are not wrong about the animals at all.

    • I didn’t say that I thought we paid little for food; I said I thought we paid too little – meaning that our demand for cheap food helps to drive the factory farms. Smaller and family farms can’t produce food for the same price. That said, fast food is not actually cheaper. The obesity problem comes from the fact that people are uneducated, and choose easy food over home-made.

      You can try to insult me if you want (“maybe coming from someone who had had a silver platter his life”), but it might be better to hold your contempt and not jump to conclusions. First, I am not a “he”. I grew up fairly poor. My mother had a pressure cooker so she could make good food using the cheapest cuts of meat. We ate what was cheap, but we almost never ate fast food. We ate well… real food; home-cooked meals. Fast food is cheap, but not inexpensive. Fast food is easy. Fast food is far less nutritious, and part of the reason that obesity is a problem is that fast food is loaded with sugar and fat.

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