Social Login and FB Celebrities

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Facebook Launches Social Login & HTTPS To Protect Your Privacy.

I’ve had occasion to try this social login thing – FB has been using this when you download all your FB stuff. It has potential – but like everything else, it’s not fool-proof. It won’t stop a jealous spouse from getting into your stuff, for example. Chances are they know most if not all of your friends.

The group that is likely to have problems with this are those people who use FB as a broadcast tool. I know a few people who have reached the 5000 friend limit – I know quite a few who have several thousand ‘friends’ (NOBODY really has that many friends). I also know a few people who use it as a personal advertising channel (that one really bugs me).

Do you suppose these people will be able to identify enough people by their pictures to get past the wall? You only get to ‘pass’ on two people. They use profile pictures and there are a lot of people (including me) who use something other than traditional portraits for their profiles.

Could you identify me from either of these images? In my profile I have used pictures of my critters, surroundings, even snow. If you actually know me, you might recognize these, but if you ‘friended’ me without really knowing me, or if you have so many friends that you don’t ever look at what THEY post (in other words you only look at what people post to your own wall), then you are unlikely to be able to identify me from a good number of my profile pictures.

Maybe we will soon see different classifications of friends, or of FB accounts. Commercial accounts or Celebrity accounts (I also sometimes refer to these as FB tramps).

How many people would still friend them if they knew for sure these people didn’t really want to be friends at all – that they were only connected because they are one of hundreds (or thousands) of ‘followers’. I imagine a lot would still want to, but not all.

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