Harmonizing the Web in China

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Harmonizing. What an evil thing to do to such a benevolent word.

Banned in Beijing – NYTimes.com. (Nicholas Kristof, Jan. 22, 2011)

I really think we should STOP trying to help the Chinese government. I keep getting these invitations from various educational and technical groups to join some delegation and go over there to help them advance. Seems like every third conference is in China these days. I don’t think we are helping the ordinary Chinese people AT ALL by doing this. All this does is help the powerful become more powerful. I refuse to go to China. Humanitarian causes are different, but this is not humanitarian.

Forgive me, but I think we should stay the Hell out of China and avoid buying things made there (which is piratically impossible these days) until the Chinese government starts to show some signs that it is ready to stop the tyranny. Maybe even show an inkling that it cares about honesty and honour.

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