Growing up does not mean forgetting how to be joyful.

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Growing up is not about getting serious – it’s about putting the joy and wonder of childhood into context, and remembering to still have fun. That’s not all it’s about but that’s certainly an essential ingredient.

From the U of Saskatchewan Student Newspaper: The Sheaf

Fred Penner built a great career as a family entertainer, and as a parent, I always enjoyed going to his concerts with my kids – the music was great. He has good songs that EVERYONE can enjoy (not all that saccharine stuff); he has good musicians; and he has a good voice. Without attempting to take anything away from him, I will add that this is a standard of quality we have come to expect from our Canadian family performers (Al Simmons, Sharon, Lois and Bram,…). He’s actually part of the reason we CAN expect this standard of quality.

His Christmas album remains one of my favorite Christmas albums (ever). It was originally released in 1993 as “The Season” and has been re-released under the name “Christmastime” in 2008.

So what’s Fred doing now? He’s doing college and university gigs!!! That’s right – and there are plenty of people who were kids in the 80’s who are thrilled to be able to revisit their childhoods and go to another Fred Penner concert.

How cool is that?

My daughter was at the concert he did at Mount Royal College. She felt like she was 5 again (which for most of us is a reeeely good feeling). Now, she happened to know some of the security staff there and they invited her “backstage” (it was an outdoor concert so backstage was a tent) to meet Fred. Just as we had all suspected – Fred is the same nice guy we all saw on his TV show. Even better, my daughter got to sing a song with Fred, just the two of them, just for fun.

So I repeat,

How cool is that?!

Only in Canada. Sometimes I am reminded of how happy I am to be Canadian.

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