The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook

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The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook.  by Matt McKeon

I have always assumed that my any information I put anywhere but my own domain is totally public. (You should too).

But what Facebook is doing is really very sleazy. For instance:

  1. They keep copies of all your pictures. ALL of them. If you take your down, they still keep theirs. And they reserve the right to use them.
  2. They use your profile picture and information in other public places as a marketing tool: “So-and-so liked this too…..”
  3. They sell their your information and make a profit off of you. (It’s not really yours once they “take” it.)
  4. They have a copy of EVERYTHING you ever did on Facebook. Your posts; your likes; your friends; your PAST friends. EVERYTHING. Not sure on this, but I’m willing to bet they have applied their new (UN)privacy policies retroactively.

I think it’s high time we let them know we UNLIKE this!!!

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