My New DS XL

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A lot of people are talking about how the new ipad might revolutionize schools

I’m not sure it’s ready for school:
It is not durable enough – you need to be able to drop it. In a puddle. On the cement. And then step on it. And it must still work. It needs to be able to fall out of your backpack and get kicked around the halls by your ‘friends’ till the bell rings. For school, it has to live up to the promise of the old Timex ads… takes a licking…..and keeps on ticking….

Also, it is too expensive – the base version costs about 3 times as much as the DS XL. This is going to have to come out of the parents’ pockets. The iPad might go over in rich schools, but not in the working class ones.

Nintendo has set its sights on the schools, but as it stands the DS XL is still just a bit too small to make it as a reader – and to be viable in schools such a device must be many things – though I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next version be that too. I’m waiting for them to enlarge the upper screen (and increase its resolution). With that, and more memory it would be poised to corner the Ed-market. Among other things, I’ve been using mine as my alarm clock. It was really handy as my power went out for 6 hours the other night.

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