Student gets slammed for creating an online study group…

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 So much for the importance of team work in this modern world…..

From ”

Study groups may be a virtual trademark of the Ivory Tower – but a virtual study group has been slammed as cheating by Ryerson University.

First-year student Chris Avenir is fighting charges of academic misconduct for helping run an online chemistry study group via Facebook last term, where 146 classmates swapped tips on homework questions that counted for 10 per cent of their mark.

The computer engineering student has been charged with one count of academic misconduct for helping run the group – called Dungeons/Mastering Chemistry Solutions after the popular Ryerson basement study room engineering students dub The Dungeon – and another 146 counts, one for each classmate who used the site.”

So, of course, I checked the university site to see what kind of pixy-dust they would try to throw on me if I were a prospective student. Well, I didn’t find any (granted, I didn’t look very hard, but most places who want to recruit students spend at least some time telling you how wonderful they are. Amongst other things, Ryerson says this: “If you’re looking for quality, career-ready learning – that combines academic rigour with relevant practical experience – you’ve come to the right place.”

Perhaps they meant to say “academic rigor mortis”?

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