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Mink Hollow Farm Photo Gallery
Roural Route 2, Cochrane, Alberta, CANADA, T4C 1A2
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Welcome to the Mink Hollow Farm Photo Gallery

This section of Mink Hollow contains photos and short movies of our birds, the farm, and other critters. The menu on the left contains a complete list of all photo albums available. The numbers in brackets() tells you how many pictures there are in each set. As you can see we have lots of pictures, so enjoy.
Please note that if you click on a thumbnail picture, you will get a larger version of that picture, but if you click on a "thumbnail" movie, it will attempt to play the movie.
The movie clips are relatively short (10 - 30 seconds). Most are in .avi format, which can be viewed with quicktime. Please forgive the less-than-perfect sound quality. It is often quite windy where we live.
Unless otherwise noted, all picutres are ©Mink Hollow Farm. If you wish to use any of these pictures you must get our express permission (even for other educational uses). These are all copyrighted pictures. Thanks.

The pictures are organized as described below.
Birds in General, Ducks, and Geese
Most of these include Baby Pictures
There are several groups here:
  • All Sorts: those with more than one kind of bird
  • Chickens; Turkeys ; Guineas and their babies;
  • 4 kinds of Duck pictures (by breed); and
  • 2 kinds of Goose pictures (by breed)
Movies These are short movie clips of the animals mostly.
Rabbits Some of these are baby pictures and there are a few photo series that start with new babies and follow them as they grow up.
Big Guys These are pictures of the various large animals we have had on the farm (in Big Guys): cows, donkeys, and horses. There are pages specifically for Puzzle and Q.
Supporting Cast This group is divided into pictures of the Cats, the Dogs, pictures around the farm (scenery, the house, skyscapes (we have some of the most spectacular sunsets on the planet), fall colours, flowers, etc.). This group is also for those pictures we couldn't easily categorize elsewhere: silly pictures, a photo series of our neighbours moving their cattle to new pastures, etc.
There is also a resources set that includes close-ups, a page of clipart, a page of photos for stories, etc., a page of clipart and borders exclusive to Mink Hollow, and one of textures, backgrounds, and other pretty pictures.

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