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All About:

Ducks and other birds, including LINKS to other resources
Incubation and hatching
Eggs for eating too
Candling Eggs a tutorial on incubation, embryology and candling eggs with drawings, photos & video
Rabbits This is a link to Mink Hollow Rabbitry

School Hatching Program
IMPORTANT NOTE: This section is for reference ONLY. We no longer provide hatching eggs.
*Before you get your eggs
*Hatching Handbook
*Count Down
*Checklist (updated 2009)

For Teachers (support materials)
Activities (for various age groups)

Farm Photo Album
(farm pics & more)

Mink Hollow Media Site

<hi> Contact the Farm: school [dot] program [at] minkhollow [dot] ca </hi>


Please note:

We are no longer taking bookings.

Mink Hollow Farm has retired.

Please do NOT ask us to make an exception for you.

You have no idea how many people call me to tell me that THEY should be excepted even AFTER I've asked you not to.

If you ignore my request and try to register anyways, you will NOT get a response. (p.s. how do you feel when your students ignore your requests and do what they want in spite of what you ask?)


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