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Hatching Check-List

Check Each Item Off as It is Done Please note: this is not an online form. It is intended to be printed off and manually checked off. It is meant for your own use (Mink Hollow Farm cannot receive any data from this information).

I have checked the thermometer in the incubator to make sure it is accurate.
I have turned on the incubator and it is
– located in a safe place away from heat and drafts
– stable at the correct temperature (for at least 24 hr.) and will not be moved
– the water reservoir is full.
I have phoned to make an appointment to pick up my eggs.
I have a re-usable bag to carry the kit items (i.e. items other than the eggs).
I have a safe warm place (box, towel, hot water bottle, one sock for each egg) in which to transport the eggs when I pick them up (which I will bring with me).
I have a brooder ready for the ducklings to live in when they hatch.
I have planned (and arranged) for weekend care of the ducklings
I am ready to have fun with the new ducklings
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