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Candling Fresh Eggs
Week 1 of Incubation
Weeks 2 and 3
Week 4 of Incubation

Let's begin (Looking at Shells)
And the star of this show is…….
Looks a bit like the moon. Bumps on the shell would make it unsuitable for incubation but still fine for eating as long as nothing shows up when candling. An egg such as this indicates that some adjustment of the bird's diet might be required. It may be getting low in calcium. Bumpy shells don't necessarily mean the egg is not edible.
The circle of life? Choose only well shaped, average to medium large eggs for incubation. The largest and smallest eggs should be used for eating only. All of the eggs on the left are suitable for incubation and none of the eggs on the right. Of the eggs on the right, the last one is also unsuitable for eating as it has a crack. Notice some of the good eggs still have spots.
Did you know a single bird will usually lay eggs all the same size and shape? The egg on the left would be fine for eating, but unsuitable for incubation. The egg on the right is OK for both - it has a good shape, and size. This egg is fine for both eating and incubation. The spots are a breed characteristic, and simply part of the outer shell. If you know your birds, it is sometimes possible to tell who laid the egg just by its shape.
A bunch of good eggs. The shells are strong, clean, no cracks. The eggs are a good size. Note the ones on the top row are quite round - this breed of bird lays round eggs normally, so this is not a problem. These are Bad eggs - too big; too small; funny shape; bumpy. These may all be fine to eat but should not be used for incubation unless the bird inside is rare or particularly valuable, and you have few eggs. Bad Eggs (some are still fine to eat).
How is an egg made? Why are bumpy shells a problem?

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