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Candling Fresh Eggs
Week 1 of Incubation
Weeks 2 and 3
Week 4 of Incubation


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What is Candling? How it's Done
Can you see the problem with this egg? Candling is using light to see inside an unopened egg. Cupping my hand helps direct the beam of light into the egg. Light must shine through the egg Using just your hands and the light from the window.
Fresh egg with no abnormalities. This egg is fine. It's a fine spotted egg. Using a flashlight.
Can you see the two yolks? This one has a  blood spot. The light shining around the egg makes it harder to see inside. Cute, but only good for looking at the outside of the shell.
Why is it called Candling? ….not on the egg
Watch a short clip of an egg being candled [1]. Watch a different short clip of an egg being candled [2].
Can't watch the movie? Download the Quicktime media player.

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