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Candling Fresh Eggs
Week 1 of Incubation
Weeks 2 and 3
Week 4 of Incubation

Fresh Eggs: Good Eggs
How Can you tell a Good Egg?
Good eggs are medium to large in size, although not unusually large for their type. They have an egg-like shape, although we have one breed that tends to lay very round eggs, which is not too pointy.
The shell is smooth and strong. If the egg is solid cream or white (or coloured), the shell should be consistent.
It is common to see faint spiral markings in the shell when candled. This is quite normal, as the egg turns in the oviduct as it is passing through the bird.
This picture has the chalazae marked.This egg (on the right) is fine, but there is a noticeable shadow inside. It is simpy the chalazae - it belongs there and is no cause for alarm.
If it is a spotted variety, then the coloured spots will be on the outside of the shell, and if you scrub them, it will usually be possible to scrub them off although it is certainly not necessary. This is the same egg as above after it's been opened. The white, cloudy-looking chalazae is what caused the shadow. This image has the chalazae marked.
How should we handle a freshly laid egg? What to do if we want the egg for either eating or hatching. What is a chalazae? See the picture of an egg, or check the glossary.
Watch a short clip of an egg with a bad shell being candled. Watch a short clip of a good egg being candled.
Can't watch the movie? Download the Quicktime media player.

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