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Candling Fresh Eggs
Week 1 of Incubation
Weeks 2 and 3
Week 4 of Incubation

Candling During Incubation: The Second and Third Week.
DAY 18
From Daily Changes in the Weight and Form of the Developing Chick Cornell Bulletin 205, by Dr. A. Romanoff (1931) duckling development image
What's Happening Now
continued growth and maturation of internal organs
this egg is less well-defined than some of the other photos but we can still see healthy blood vessels we should be able to see movement when candling it is hard to see detail, but the good colour indicates all is well note the size of the aircell
What to Look For
the egg should appear approximately 2/3 full
there should be visible blood vessels and when the egg is held still, there should still be movement inside
What to Watch Out For
image image image image
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If you are not sure whether the embryo is OK or not, wait another few days.

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