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All About Eggs

Stuff About Eggs
Tutorial on Candling Eggs On-Line Tutorial: How to Candle Eggs Check it Out! Lots of Pictures & Movies! Take the Test!
All About Eggs For Eating What's the difference between Duck & Chicken Eggs?
Meet Real Free-Range Eggs From Mother Earth News
All About Eggs From the Egg Farmers of Canada
Egg Quality University of Florida IFAS Extension
ChickScope University of Illinois
How to Build Your Own Candler Illustrated Instructions
Book List Books for all ages: picture books, stories, references
Birds, Eggs and Ducks Questions and Answers
In an Eggshell (a description of how eggs are made and how they develop into ducklings)
What are the parts of an egg? A picture with labels.
"Designer Eggs" On the rising popularity of eggs from birds who have been fed special diets.

Still to Come:

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