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Resources Related to Incubation of Ducks and other Poultry

Pages at Mink Hollow

Air Cells Why is a poorly placed or ruptured air-cell a problem for hatching eggs?
Birds, Eggs and Ducks Questions and Answers
Before You Get Your Eggs Things to help you be properly prepared.
Blow Out an Egg Illustrated instructions for how to blow out a raw egg.
Build Your Own Candler Illustrated How-To Instructions
Bumpy Shells Why are bumpy shells a problem in incubation?
Candling (name) Why is it called Candling?
Candling Eggs On-Line Tutorial: How to Candle Eggs, Check it Out! Lots of Pictures & Movies! Take the Test!
Cesareans on Eggs Why don't cesarean sections work on hatching birds?
Checklist - to help to be ready
Common Questions Related to the Hatching Project
Count Down to Hatch: Fresh Eggs - what you'll need to get ready for your eggs
Count Down to Hatch: Ready-to-Hatch Eggs - what you'll need to get ready for your eggs
Egg Age How can we tell the age of an egg in water?
Embryology Glossary A glossary to help you understand the parts from the chart (above) that don't seem to be English.
Glossary Words associated with ducks and hatching and what they mean
Handling Eggs How should we handle a freshly laid egg?
Hatch Dates For the current year - 2008
Hatching As a School Project Handbook A brief introduction to incubation and hatching
In an Eggshell (a description of how eggs are made and how they develop into ducklings)
Incubation Temperatures A list of incubation temperatures for different birds and at different stages of incubation
Making an Egg How is an egg made?
Parts of an egg? A picture with labels.
Stages of Development (Embryology) Chart describing the developmental stages of an embryo. Some of it even looks like English.

Pages Elsewhere

www.teachersdomain.org_assets_wgbh_tdc02_tdc02_vid_duckdev_tdc02_vid_duckdev_l.jpg This video segment from NOVA: “The Shape of Things” charts the development of a duck embryo, from its earliest stages just after fertilization, through cell replication and differentiation, to the final stage, emergence from the protection of the eggshell.. Length: 2m 43s; Size: 3.8 MB

Research Papers

N. Sellier,, J.-P. Brillard, V. Dupuy and M. R. Bakst, Comparative Staging of Embryo Development in Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose, Guinea Fowl, and Japanese Quail Assessed from Five Hours After Fertilization Through Seventy-Two Hours of Incubation, Jpurnal of Applied Poultry Science, J APPL POULT RES 2006. 15:219-228

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