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Resources Related to Ducks and other Poultry

Hatching As a School Project Handbook A brief introduction to incubation and hatching
Ducks As Pets How to keep and care for a small flock (up to 6) of ducks.
Duck Anatomy (outside) A picture of a duck with various parts labeled. Pass the mouse over the picture to find closeups!
Book List Books for all ages: picture books, stories, references (near the end), add your favorites! (requires registration)
Breed Notes A Breeder's description of each of the breeds we keep (including our own variety currently under development)
Colour Genetics A short explanation of the Black/Brown colour gene, as expressed in Silver Appleyards.
Birds, Eggs and Ducks Questions and Answers
Glossary - words associated with ducks and hatching and what they mean

Places Where You Can Find Out More And Other Cool or Fun Links

Hatching on YouTube

University of Nebraska Guinea Hatching University of Nebraska 2nd Guinea Hatching

Some of the Places Our Eggs have Gone......

Creative Learning Center - a Calgary Pre-School that has been doing the “duck thing” for a number of years
Rosscarrock School June. 2006 Rm. 11 & 12 - special thanks to Cheryl Mosolf, Cathy Cash & Dale Lamont Created by: Miss. Celina Slide show .pps Bath Time; Getting Clean]
Judith Mathews Pysanky [Egg Painting: Duck and Goose Eggs]
Thank You CrazyRodeoGirl! We're On YouTube: Welcome to the World Little One!
Elizabeth Barrett Elementary
Source Comments
Feather Site One of the most complete and informative sites on the net!
DOM_BIRD A poultry mailing list for discussion of poultry and other farm birds.
University Of Nebraska 4-H Lots of cool stuff! Check out the “egg-cam”
Avian Flu? Some information and Links
Alberta Egg Producers Board Information for Teachers in Alberta
Miller Hatcheries Fact Sheets About Raising Poultry
Waterfowl Vocalizations About the calls that ducks and geese make (from Ducks Unlimited)

Eggs & Incubation

General Egg Information American Egg Board
From Chick to Egg University of Illinois Extension (PDF file: Student & Teacher Guide, 19 pages, illustrated, includes decriptions for building incubators)
Embryo heart beating [movie] See the beating heart of a two-day old chick embryo [From Purdue University]
All About Eggs From New Zealand
Chick Scope University of Illinois
How a Hen Lays an Egg A nice description with drawings.
Incubating eggs Brought to you by the University of Nebraska
About Candling Eggs Brought to you by the University of Nebraska
HEALTH: EGGS All about eggs.
"Designer Eggs" On the rising popularity of eggs from birds who have been fed special diets.
Additional Resources (University of Nebraska 4-H)
Embryonic Growth and Development [PDF file: advanced level explanations] Ch. 2 Embryonic Growth and Development Robert E. Ricklefs and J. Matthias Starck, Avian Growth and Development. in Evolution within the altricial precocial spectrum. J. M. Starck and R. E. Ricklefs (eds). Oxford University Press, New York, 1998

Fun Stuff

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Still to Come:

Physiology and Anatomy
And more as time allows

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