Sample Rabbit Pedigrees

The following are examples of some actual rabbit pedigrees that include images as well as the known genotypes.

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image. Click on the link below to see that rabbit’s pedigree. The Rabbit’s phenotype is it’s named color. The genotype will be displayed with each ancestor either on the bottom left or right side of the frame.


 b-wonka-2011-03-24_11-56-15pedigree-wonks  macbeth-0-01-14-2pedigree-macbeth-m3d1
 quince-2009-07-10_12-24-28_001 img_0395Quince  qtip-2010-01-03_12-18-30pedigree-QTip – MHF-4G-pic  b-tgd4-2012-12-05_13-31-14pedigree-toto-tgd4
 SJA2-2012-03-13_12-16-09_wmpedigree-speedy-sja2  rerun-2010-10-22_14-30-58pedigree-rerun-rda1  ra-2010-11-01_13-39-46ra-pedigree