Thousands of teachers caught cheating in exams

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I have long thought that the way to change the problem of cheating in exams (and assignments) is to reduce the risk associated with any single task. Stay tuned for future posts on how to do that. It turns out that THAT is one of the most profound outcomes of my approach to gamification.

Education experts said this weekend that the revelations were “shocking” and called for cheating teachers, who often act as examiners and invigilators, to be sacked. They said cheating in exams was like “taking drugs in athletics”.

Nearly 2,300 “malpractice” offences were committed by staff in schools, colleges and other centres offering OCR exams between 2012 and 2016. More than half were cases of “improper assistance” to youngsters sitting tests.

In the same period there were 3,603 candidate offences, often involving “unauthorised materials”. There is no equivalent data for the other four exam boards.

Students were punished with loss of marks. About 1,000 were disqualified either from the paper or the entire qualification — or, in 14 cases, all qualifications. The data for staff sanctions, however, paints a more lenient picture. There were 581 warnings, while 113 staff were sent for training. Only 83 were suspended from exam roles.

Source: Thousands of teachers caught cheating in exams

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