On Farming….. and Phishing

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2015-09-09_14-04-35b_wmSometimes, you just have take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Yesterday, the sun came out after several dreary days of rain, so I took the opportunity to go out and do a bit of yard work. There’s a fair bit of work that needs to be done around a farm to get ready for winter, and one thing I’ve learned in my nearly 30 years on a farm is that you need to take advantage of the weather when it’s in your favour.

2015-08-02_13-21-09_wmSo, there I was enjoying a bit of hard work on a gorgeous fall day, when the phone rang.

We still have a landline and we have a number of extension phones – one of which is in the barn (where I just happened to be at that moment). It’s really handy having that phone sometimes – especially since we can use any extension to call any other extension. This can be especially useful if you’re holding a squawking chicken or in some other kind of tight spot and need to call the house for help.

2015-09-08_18-13-54_wmAnyhow, guess who was calling? It was one of those nice Microsoft service people from “Technocare” calling to “fix” my computer. Now, normally I simply try and get them to tell me WHICH of my computers is having the problem.

They never seem to be able to tell me.

However, this time, since I was in the barn, and since every time I open the door of the barn, a bunch of the chickens I hatched this year come running into the barn to see what’s up, AND since I had just done exactly that, I decided to do this phone call differently.

2015-08-19_13-40-40_wmThe chickens, you see, like to make a lot of noise when they first come in the barn, and I had trouble hearing the lady on the phone because of them. So, I did the only thing that made sense…. I said…..

“I’m sorry lady, I don’t have any computers here. I live in a barn.”

….but we have detected a problem with your computer…..

“Nope, sorry – no computer here (amidst lots of squawking and clucking).
2015-01-06_16-19-44_wmLike I said, I live in a barn. ….. I have chickens though, listen……
(as I hold the phone up to one of my hens, who obliges me by letting out a wonderful GAWK!)…….
Need any chickens? (more squawking).”

…..ummm…. I’m here to fix your computer……

2015-04-03_16-21-35_wm“I TOLD you lady, no computers here,… only chickens. Oh, and a turkey,…. need a turkey? He’s quite friendly. Maybe you’d prefer a rabbit or two? I have those too.”

….ummm… well,…. thanks for calling.

“YOU called ME. But thanks anyways. You have a great day now, K?”

Made my whole day.

The ‘girls’ seemed to like it too.

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