Quickie Game Review: Ice cream game

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snap02025I’ve been checking out a lot of games recently for various reasons, and it occurred to me that I should keep a record of them. I’m putting them here because they might be of use to someone else too..

Ice cream game – create orders scoop by scoop – tutticuti ice cream parlour – online game.

Good concept – but I HATE this game. It is almost impossible to please more than one customer at a time.
It’s the time thing again…..
There seem to be plenty of games that get this wrong.

A lot of developers seem to think that twitch games are easy – all you have to do is put time limits on everything and it will automatically be “fun”. Well, I have no real evidence for this (if anyone does, please share!), but I think that this sort of thing is de-motivating for a lot of people, but especially for girls.

The bubble shooter is a good example of doing it right – it starts off slow and easy and (VERY) gradually gets faster.

Quickie Review
Looks nice; sound is nothing special.
The time limits make impossible to please more than one customer.
Another example of the Decorative Media Trap

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