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  President and Educational Officer at Mink Hollow Media Ltd.
Principal, Mink Hollow Media

  Secretary, ACCP/CAID
Instructional Designer

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  The Becker Blog
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  Licensed ARBA Rabbit Registrar
Licensed ARBA Rabbit Registrar

  Mink Hollow Rabbitry
My Rabbitry

  Adjunct Professor @ Mount Royal University
Adjunct Professor

2013 IAP-DDL-AECT Crystal Award for innovative and outstanding multimedia-based distance learning courses and distance learning projects.
Award Winning Designs

  Founder of the School Hatching Program and Chief Agronomist at Mink Hollow Farm
The Farm

The Becker Blog ]

  • I studied philosophy and engineering at university: Here’s my verdict on ‘job relevant’ education (2021/07/26 15:52)
    Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute This is VERY important. It’s why, when I teach CS, I focus on the kinds of skills and concepts that *I* still find useful, 30+years /after/ my degree. THOSE are the core concepts. I am NOT training people for jobs. … Continue reading →
  • Are cheaper eggs just as nutritious as organic or free-run options? Marketplace tested 14 brands to find out | CBC News (2021/04/03 15:01)
    Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes Source: Are cheaper eggs just as nutritious as organic or free-run options? Marketplace tested 14 brands to find out | CBC News The small-farm organic eggs had an average of 3.25 mg of vitamin E per one large egg, which … Continue reading →
  • I’m Finally Back to Writing Again… (2020/12/07 20:20)
    Approximate Reading Time: 4 minutes Yup, after a year of being unable to write at all, I’m finally getting back to it again. Here is the first part of my next endeavor. Let me know what you think! And So it Begins One learns more … Continue reading →
  • Reni has been published. (2020/03/22 21:27)
    Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute My next book has been published. It is written by my mom, and edited by me. This is my mother’s story. It is the story of an extraordinary German girl born in Berlin just before World War II. It is … Continue reading →
  • Well Worth Watching: Losing Lena (2020/01/07 17:41)
    Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s time for gender equality in tech, let’s start by losing Lena. Add your voice at #losinglena “I failed to see this as an image of a person.” THINK ABOUT THAT. …. just an object being used to build, … Continue reading →
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